Gravedancer | Stranger to Myself

We recorded our friends' song in our living room:

Anna and I have known Baker for years now. He's a multitalented musician, a dog-lover, a veteran, and a loyal friend. He is a founding member of Shawn James & The Shapeshifters, and has toured for over three years on mandolin and tenor banjo. Usually Baker is doing what he can to support his band and his friends' personal projects, but this time, he's finally focused on writing some of his own material.

Baker was prepared to play this song solo, but as he told his friends about what he was doing, they each wanted to get involved in their own way. Gravedancer is the name given to the conglomeration of friends that are: Tyler Tradewell, Chris Overcash, Nick Shoulders, and Cheyenne McCoy.

We are incredibly happy for Baker that he's finally getting some of this stuff out there, and we're really excited to see what's next and to get it out for you all to hear.

Support / keep up with Baker by attending Shawn James shows and giving him a huge hug.



No Diggity | Dana Louise & The Glorious Birds

Here is the second of five videos we shot with Dana Louise, No Diggity:

In the midst of love songs, sad songs, and eerie tales of woe, Dana Louise & the Glorious Birds let loose on this cover of Blackstreet's No Diggity. We loved every minute of working with these folks. They are all such genuine people who, as you can see above, don't take themselves overly seriously. Their smiles were contagious, and their groove made it difficult to resist dancing with the camera in hand. This video features Dana's friend Josh Tempest's crystal ball manipulation. Look out for our next posts featuring the third of five field recordings! Remember, follow Dana & Company at danalouisemusic.com, and on instagram @danalouisemusic.

Photo by Anna Hutchison


Dana Louise & The Glorious Birds

February 8, 2015 - Dana Louise & The Glorious Birds perform an original song live from a cave in North Arkansas. Real audio from a ZOOM H4N recorder.

Photo by Anna Hutchison
Anna and I met Dana when she performed at a house show while we were living at the Syc House (see on Anna's channel: Air Loom | Boa Sorte). We both immediately fell in love with her voice and continued to listen and catch her live performances whenever we could (see also: Air Loom | Halloween 2013).
Having already been fans, we couldn't have been more excited to jump on board when Dana and her band asked for our help capturing their live performance. Featuring Dana on the dobrato, Adams Collins on the vibraphone, Keith Grimwood on bass, and Ezra Idlet on percussion, the Glorious Birds hiked all their instruments up into this perfect echo-chamber of a cave for this field recording.

It was a real honor working with such talented musicians, including Keith and Ezra from Trout Fishing In America and Adams Collins ripping on the vibraphone.

Dana Louise & The Glorious Birds are currently working on recording an album which will be released in the coming months.

Follow their every move at:

Instagram: danalouisemusic


Dumptruck Boyz Get Weird

Photos by Anna Hutchison

In this line of work, you sometimes get lucky enough to contribute to the projects of your favorite bands and artists. Dumptruck is Anna's and my favorite party band in the whole world, and we get the pleasure of capturing their every move (and sound). This time, the song wasn't so party oriented (or woman-, drug-, or liquor-oriented), and leaned instead on the creepy side. Inspired by The King In Yellow, this track is timelessly scary, yet hauntingly catchy. Check it out! Then look up when the next DTBoyz show is, and beg your mom to let you go. Watch the video of the 'Boyz tracking it live!

The "Wheel O' Dumptruck" allows the crowd to select the subject matter for the next song at Smoke and Barrel.

On vocals and banjo, Nick Shoulders also provided limited-edition album artwork for the initial release of the single.


Deliverance with Shawn James

Shawn James chose me to record and polish his second full-length album. We got to take our time in the comfort of my living room to really lay down our collective vision for this record. I am incredibly proud of the product, and will forever brag about my brief contribution to this awesome milestone in this artist's career. Check him out at his various links:
Videos at

Album Artwork and Photography by Anna Hutchison:


Back It Up & Dump It

Photos by Anna Hutchison

Dumptruck Boyz, comprised of members of Thunderlizards and Cletus Got Shot, started out as a silly outlet for the boys to get out their bluegrass wiggles. From their spot-on covers to their scarily hilarious originals, their live shows were an instant hit among the Fayetteville crowd. After countless requests by fans for the 'Boyz to record their timeless hits, I finally caught them all in the same building and stuck some wires in them.

The product is prettier than we could have possibly conceived. Tracked all at once in a live setting. Check out the recording video to the 'Boyz' Jolene cover, "Codeine":